Paper Straw Machine Operators !!!

Paper Straw Machine Operators !!!!Drinking straw is one of the essential items used by FMGC industry along with Beverage Packaging.  Kids generally require a straw as well as all age people use to drink beverages to avoid spilling. In recent times, plastic has been banned to reduce environment pollution. Paper straw is new invention to replace as substitute for usage of Plastic straw.  One of the leading paper straw manufacturer required operator to operate the paper straw manufacturing machine. Please utilize the Job opportunity published in ‘paptecjobs.com’ to be a member in the team and to serve the purpose of this role; Since it is Job Portal as well as Placement Consultant for Chemical industry, Pulp and Paper, Printing, Publishing, Packaging, Power and Water treatment  industries as well as Shipping & Logistics.


1.Operator manages the machine as per the standard operating procedure.

2.Load the reels as per the procedure and feed the paper in their feeders to ensure trouble free


3.Note down the problem and arrange the maintenance schedule properly to rectify the machine problems.

4.Ensures final output of product to meet customer requirement norms.

5.Ensure clean and safe working area all the time.

6.Owns personal and team safety. Observes all safety rules and uses the proper safety equipment at all times.

7.Follows necessary GMP and other manufacturing regulations/guidelines.​

8.Develops and maintains operating procedures and ensures all  SOP’s are followed

9.Ensures process checks and operation are performed as required.​

10.Maintains any required record keeping.​

11.Ensures shift-to-shift communication is to be maintained.​

12.Performs other duties as necessary when directed.​

13.Record and monitor the input and additives consumption on shift basis

14.Recommend improvements to departmental policy and implement procedures and controls covering all areas of Plant

15.Ensure compliance to all relevant QHSE procedures and  controls

16.Reports to Supervisor.


1.1 to 2 years experience in paper straw machine in fully automatic

or same type of machine with fully automatic.

2.Knowledge of running the automatic machine is necessary.

3.Production through put raw materials taken record lock book

writing ability required.

4.Knowledge of Hindi or English is must.

5.Should be very active.

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