Job opportunity loss reasons

Job Opportunity Loss reasons !!


Job opportunity loss reasons are mainly due to  RESUME. , Improper display of Skills in Resumes .

RESUME   Content describe  about your Educational Qualification and Experience you earned as well as the Skills in Short if you need to understand


Resume plays a crucial role in the JOB OFFER, Few minutes only the shortlisting professional will be viewing your RESUME, With in that few minutes your RESUME  should  create the impression that you are the best choice among the applicants.

The HUMAN RESOURCE INDUSTRY  describe statistics of 70 % resume are not shortlisted among the applicants, and in that 80 % are improper  RESUMES  and  details not provided or not updated in regular interval.

Even though there are different types resume writing methods are available , The combination of Educational Qualification, Expertise area,with your Skills and experience is described as “A Good Professional well drafted resume” will have 95 % chance of  Telephonic interview’s as well as personal interview.

A Well Drafted Resume if not explained properly , no reason you out of the opportunity , So the resume and your knowledge level and communication  should be in one line.

A Particular Skill expert of a domain, may be compatible to another domain based on his skills , for example

  • 1) A Steno-Grapher Compatible to all domain.
  • 2) Best analyst can be compatible to good marketer
  • 3) A good Marketer can also become Good Negotiator
  • 4) A Good Manufacturer can also be Good Research and Developer
  • Applicants has to write RESUME based on the JOB OFFER and the skill set required , with the skill compatibility of self.

On final A  good written PROFESSIONAL RESUME  is goes long way… in  your  career platform and its needs to be updated as when you earned or gained or graduated a new skills.

You can’t be late or miss your chance on your career.

All the Best for your bright future !!!



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